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Our goal is to help you find a shoe that keeps you running. We strive to keep you healthy by learning about your history, looking at your biomechanics and listening to your needs.

Don't Run?

Stand on your feet all day?  We've got the solution!

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Community Fitting

Intimidated by "serious runners?"  Most serious runners started their training to lose weight, support a cause, or just be more social.  Serious running does not equal fast.

  • The "serious runner" is the runner who runs once a week consistently.
  • The "serious runner" is the runner who encourages others to begin & enjoy running
  • The "serious runner" is the runner who strives to use running to support the community

Price Protection

We set our prices at the lowest allowed by industry UMAP Manufacturers which will be seen at ALL online and brick and mortar stores across the board.  We match the average lowest price of online shoes to our Sale Shoes (previous models) and appreciate when you make us your first stop for new shoes!​

Buy Local

We look to support and promote local businesses in the area.  A bigger portion of your receipt will stay in the local community which allows for stronger sustainability in the Ithaca Area.​  Buy Local


Make the commitment to start running today!  Running ONE day a week is better than running NO days per week.

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The "Fit" Process

Shoe Fittings

Based on arch type, cushioning level, and pronation style shoe need to be fit or "matched" properly to specific feet.  Shoes have a finite life expectancy whether used or unused.  Under normal circumstances this means switching shoes every 300-500 miles or about 6 months of consistent wear.  If you work, laugh, play, and also run in shoes, this timeframe can be very different.  

I.e. Standing on your feet for 4 hours a day without any running = 6 month replacement time